Medical Audits

1993- Implementation of ?Fast Track? admission policy for patients with acute myocardial infarction.Medical Unit 5- Allama Iqbal Medical College and Services Hospital Lahore.

1994-Review of existing protocol to do three sets of cardiac enzymes post MI to confirm the diagnosis. CCU and Medical Unit 5- Allama Iqbal Medical College and Services Hospital Lahore.

1996- Role of Signal Averaged ECG (SAECG) to predict life threatening cardiac arrhythmias in patients admitted with acute myocardial infarction.CCU ? Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi- UAE.

1997- Reduction of new case consultation times by the introduction of patient medical history questionnaire Cardiology Out-Patients, Mafraq Hospital , Abu Dhabi, UAE.

1998- Is there a need to perform an Echocardiogram in every patient admitted with a CVA Cardiology Department , Mafraq Hospital, Abu- Dhabi, UAE

1999- Should we be doing routine selective LIMA injection in patients with 3 vessel disease for better pre operative evaluation by cardiac surgeons. Cardiac Cath Lab- Mafraq Hospital, Abu-Dhabi, UAE

1999- Does performing routine LV angiograms on patients undergoing coronary angiogram give any additional information to their echocardiograms.Abu-Dhabi, UAE

2000- Evaluation of door to needle times for thrombolysis ? are we on target? Abu Dhabi- UAE

2001- Impact of conducting thrombolysis in the ER rather than the CCU on the door to needle times

2001- Do we need to take pre operative venous access in all our patients undergoing cardiac cath.

2002- Impact on bed occupancy rate of medical ward by the introduction of day case cardiac catheterization

2004- Reduction in the number of Cancelled Cases by introduction of nurse led Pre Assessment Review of patients investigations prior to elective cardiac catheterization.

2006- Should we be catheterizing haemodynamically stable ,troponin Positive patients at Bedford Hospital or transfer them to Papworth Hospital to save them having two procedures.

2007- Clinical Audit of Trans Radial Angiogram procedures

2008- Do we need to do LV angiograms routinely in all patients undergoing coronary angiography

2008- Clinical audit of Integrated care pathway for Acute coronary syndrome .